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 ~+ . :  THE SOCIAL CULTURES  :.+~


Some important tips on how to socialize with French people


Apart from acquiring the language, you also need to know how to communicate with French people. Learn more about  the effective verbal or non-verbal communication as well as the important gestures . Here are some tips on





  Eye contact

Making eye contact means equality in France. It is considered too personal for use with strangers.

Alternatively, refusing to make any eye contact is one way of looking down another person, especially when that person is a waiter or a salesman.

To appear friendly, brief eye contact should be established, especially with the ones who are helping you. For women, do not look back at strangers on the street who stare at you, even if you are interested


Shaking hands

French people all shake hands. Usually, it’s a brief holding for the hands with an even briefer visual acknowledgement. Yet, it is most important in French greetings among all friends.

People shake hands when they are first introduced, and whenever they enter or leave a room, and before and after a meeting. It would be considered impolite if you do not do so. 

French people also say that they can judge a person’s character by their handshake!


The double kiss

Kissing on both cheeks is normal between close acquaintances who are greeting or parting, or family members, even in public. Often, one starts with the right cheek.




.::  GESTURES  ::.


When socializing, showing gestures can help people to understand what you are trying to convey.

These are ten useful French gestures that we find most common and interesting .

1. Un, deux, trois…When counting on the fingers, begin with the the thumb as the number one,

then the index finger for the two, and the middle finger for three, etc.


2. Il a un poil dans la mainTo motion that someone is lazy, hold one hand flat, and pull as if on

a hair growing out of your palm, and say, “Il a un poil dans la main.”


3. Délicieux!To express how delicious something is, touch your fingers and thumb all t

ogether, kiss your fingertips, and then open your hand, as if tossing something in the air.


4. C’est fini!To show that you are finished with something you are doing, cross your arms in front

of your body, with your palms out, then move them out, while saying, “C’est fini.”+


5. On a sommeil This gesture has two meanings. It can indicate someone who

  • wants to sleep, or
  • is asleep and you don’t want to wake.

Put your palms together, place your hands on your shoulder,

rest your cheek on your hands. You may optionally close your eyes.


6. Ça pue! To show that something smells badly or is repugnant, hold your nose.


7. Il est cinglé To show that someone is crazy, put your index finger to your

temple and turn your hand back and forth.


8. Je le jure! To promise or swear to something, place your hand on top of your head.


9. Rien!To signify “nothing”, make a circle with your finger and thumb.


10. Pardon!To apologize or indicate that you’ve made a mistake,

cover your mouth with your hands.



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