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FOOD CULTURES April 8, 2010





.::  Traditional and custom foods in France  ::.


French culture places a high priority on the enjoyment of food  and French cuisine is extremely diverse. This variety is supported by the French passion for good food in all its forms, France’s extraordinary range of different geographies and climates which support the local production of all types of ingredients, and France’s long and varied history. Ingredients and dishes vary by region.

Cheese and wine are also a major part of the cuisine, playing different roles both regionally and nationally with their many variations and laws. Cheese is often served as a course in itself. In this case, it is served after the main meal but before dessert. This typically consists of a platter with three or four different cheeses, from which guests can slice pieces according to their preferences. Sliced bread (e.g. slices of a baguette) are typically provided at the same time.

Meanwhile, wine is considered a standard part of everyday meals in France, and is neither expensive nor reserved for special occasions. With everyday meals, ordinary wines are served, although it is expected that the style of wine match the style of food. The legal drinking age is officially 18 years old.

In many ways, an understanding of the culture of French food  is an understanding of France itself

In France, cutlery is used in the continental manner (with the fork in the left hand, prongs facing down and the knife in the right hand). French etiquette prohibits the placing of hands below the table.


.::  Where to find Halal food in France?  ::.

Here are some suggestions for Halal restaurants according to the province


  • Restaurant ” Fast & Fresh “(Japanese)
  • Restaurant ” Deeg s “(Fast food)
  • Restaurant ” Bebopstar “(Fast food)
  • Restaurant ” The pizzanini (Pizzeria)


  • Restaurant ” The Lobby Restaurant “(French)
  • Restaurant ” The East Hall “(Algerian)
  • Restaurant ” Pizz amigo “(Pizzeria)
  • Restaurant ” Ninous Pizzeria (Pizzeria)


  • Restaurant ” Delicio pizza (Pizzeria)
  • Restaurant ” Delicio pizza (Pizzeria)
  • Restaurant ” twin Pizza (Pizzeria)
  • Restaurant ” pizz Baraka “(Fast food)


  • Restaurant the ” Chicken beautiful “(Chicken)
  • Restaurant ” The calling “(Tunisia)
  • Restaurant ” B & C “(Fast food)
  • Restaurant ” Welcome to Deya Restaurant “(Tunisia)




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